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My name is Joanna Coreas.  I am 29 years old, and the mother of two beautiful children, Anthony and Adrianna. The last two years have been an amazing journey full of opportunities. I started my Herbalife business for some extra cash.  I quickly started consuming Herbalife products. I knew they would work because I knew real people that were using the products and either lost weight or gained and maintained  lean muscle.  I myself lost 5 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle using the Herbalife24 line of athlete products,  while of course hitting the gym on a regular basis.   I immediately fell in love with Herbalife products. Not only for the results, but because of the taste. These products taste amazing and make you feel and look amazing. If you want results, you need to take good quality supplements. What is great about Herbalife is it is safe for  children, pregnant women and breastfeeding  moms. Both my children consume the product and they love it. I will help you get to your goals by putting you in a plan that works for you. 

Kids love Herbalife just as much as adults!

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Herbalife 24 – Build and maintain lean muscle!

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