“Before taking Herbalife, I weighed 174 pounds. My cholesterol was very high, my energy low, and I frequently suffered from constipation. Thanks to Herbalife nutrition I lost 34 pounds in 4 months. My pants size dropped from a 38 to a 33. I have consumed the product for over 8 years and have been able to maintain my weight at a healthy level.”

Some people might think Herbalife is just for weight loss. I have always been thin, but thanks to Herbalife products and commitment to my workouts I was able to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle and lower my body fat.
     Results don’t happen over night.  I had bad eating habits, no knowledge of proper exercise or fitness, no consistency and no commitment to anything. But just like everything in life I had to learn. Why? Because I didn’t like the way i saw myself in the mirror and I understood that it was going to take me…and only me to change my appearance, so I did. It wasn’t easy and at times I felt like giving up, I often found my filled with doubt and negative thoughts until i realized that negativity wouldn’t get me anywhere.
    Since I started using Herbalife products and being committed to my self, I have changed physically, mentally and spiritually.  I couldn’t be more proud of the person I have become. Thank you, Herbalife.

You see the “before and after” photo…so what made the difference?
    Like so many, we didn’t know anything about eating right and being active. We drank alcohol 3 to 4 times a week and ate out once a day. After hitting my heaviest and no longer fitting into my “going out clothes,” I became depressed and frustrated. I told my husband we needed to change our bad habits.
     I started using Herbalife and in 8 weeks I lost 25 pounds of body fat. Shortly thereafter, my husband saw the changes in me and started the using Herbalife products as well. Since then we have been hooked on the products and managed to gain muscle mass with the Herbalife 24 athlete line.
     My husband and I decided to have a baby. I took the product throughout my whole pregnancy and even while breastfeeding (yes…Doctor approved!) I gained a healthy 33 pounds and then lost the baby weight 4-5 months post-partum, re-gaining my lean muscle mass.  Thanks, Herbalife!

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